Best Mini Air Conditioners in India

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An air conditioning system still remains to be a luxury and a necessity that, unfortunately, not everyone can afford. This is where the best mini air conditioner comes in, given this circumstance. Considering the 135.2 Billion US Dollars spent on AC units in 2018 alone, it is just a clear indication that the threats brought by heatwaves and heatstroke are real. It is one of those times where you will realize the effect of global warming isn’t just a figment of someone else’s imagination. In India, the heatwaves are becoming more intense and frequent than usual. Therefore, the installation of an AC becomes a must.

The growing popularity of mini ACs or personal air coolers in India is inevitable. Why? First of all, you can’t expect the rising temperature is disappearing soon, but neither can you deprive yourself of what the outdoors nor the sun can bring. In other words, there’s no reason why you cannot experience good quality, cool air without making a substantial monetary investment.

What is Mini Air Conditioner?

These are the small, compact, portable version of a regular air conditioner that provides relatively the same benefits.  You can purchase the best small ac unit while still being a good steward of the environment. One of the reasons why people prefer minis is the huge disparity between the cost of the unit as well as the electricity bill as opposed to the conventional AC units. Besides, if you only have limited space in your property, then you definitely don’t need the bigger and industrial types. That would be uneconomical and unwise. Additionally, if you are outside enjoying the road, the outdoors, camping out, on picnics, or doing just about anything and anywhere, there’s no way you can bring along those kinds of ACs with you.

Consumers can be lost online while searching for that perfect one in the market, swarmed with countless products. In this post, you will find product reviews of some of the best brands and models to help your selection.

5 Best Personal Air Coolers India

Why do people rely on personal air cooler reviews when they want to get one for themselves? That’s because these reviews can provide you with true experiences and thoughts from actual users. It’s understandable to have your own questions. Do these devices actually work? Are these legit offers? How much will this cost me? Stop worrying this instant. These product reviews save you time. Imagine spending hours browsing the web or going from one store to another just to compare the products’ specifications, features, pros, cons, and many more. These reviews will make your life easier and your decisions guided.

1. Arctic Air Ultra Review

The Arctic Air Ultra is a popular mini air cooler with water that you can bring with you anytime, anywhere. It has the capability to cool, humidify, and purify the air at any given place and moment. This device is ideal for cooling and improving the air quality of your space, preferably not larger than 45 sq. ft. This speaks for energy smart way of cooling the air. Here’s more.

What Users Claim About the Arctic Air Ultra and its Features

If you want a personal portable ac, this one is for you. What it does is drawing the dry, hot air in and converting it to humidified and cool, allowing you to enjoy the day or night without the sweat. You have the power to adjust the temperature of the place or area you are in three ways.  The 3-speed operation of its fan comes in very handy depending on the environment you are in at any given moment, or who you are with. Compared to other regular air units from the Arctic, the Ultra is proven to be more powerful by 20%. The neat compact design can be easily transported from one place to another, which allows you to appreciate the cool air without even using Freon or coolants. There’s no better feeling than being comfortable but still using an environmentally friendly device, or appliances in general.

If you want convenience, that’s what you will get since it is easy to operate. Water is all you need to fill the water tank that comes with it, a power or wall outlet to plug it in, and there you go! Savor the cool air without the heat and danger the sun could bring. People just can’t resist this device as it enables them to spend quality time in their own backyards or porches, regardless of the rise in temperature.

The system features silent fans and a thermostat that you can program as you please. The display is easy to read when you adjust the digital thermostat. The temp outside may be too high, but you can experience a “climate” that’s under the total control of your hands or fingers. This feature is to your advantage since not all cooling systems can provide such an advantage. Others simply come with fixed temps. This self-contained mini cooler is truly a must-install at your workplace, at home, anywhere.

Arctic Air Ultra and its Cost

 Now, when it comes to price, you can’t really say it’s a smart buy when it burns your wallet or pikes up your electric bill, right? So, how much does the Arctic Air Ultra cost? At approximately ₹4000, you can get your own Ultra. The price, however, may vary depending on where you bought it from. You can also get additional filters for only ₹1000. People find ways to save on money, and the cost of installing and maintaining a regular air conditioning system is not among them. Think of investing your money in something else because this air cooler is budget-friendly, thus a wise investment on its own.

How Does the Arctic Ultra work?

Escaping the heat doesn’t mean you have to contain yourself inside a building with Arctic Air Ultra. You can be sitting comfortably on reading nooks, the basement, public bench, camper, den, or anywhere you can think of, and can still enjoy the benefits of clean, cool air. How are all these possible?

The Air Ultra is designed to effectively integrate 3 things: the suction of hot & dry air, the (washable) filter, as well as the water compartment. The result? Chilled air and evaporated water. A cool breeze is produced in this process that’s humidified and purified, guaranteed not to scratch your throat. Once you plugged it in and turn the power on, it will start cooling your air to a maximum of 8 hours. Forget about the dust since the filter will work on its power to catch dust particles. It beats the heat so you can easily breathe!

How Easy is the Arctic Air Ultra to Operate?

 According to the official website of the manufacturer, the operation is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Pre-soak the filter in water, then slide it into place. As an added tip, some people freeze these air filters for an optimized cooling effect, depending on how bad is the heatwave.
  2. Fill up its water chamber.
  3. Set the direction and temperature.

 All you need is 2 cups of water to run the device, and it will leave your place bearable and definitely cool. That’s straightforward, indeed!

Remember: Users of this device, or any other, must be on the safe side all the time. It’s best always to read and follow the manual or instruction that comes with it.


  • The Arctic Air boasts for its ease of use
  • The device has double-cooling power that doesn’t require Freon
  • Doesn’t use hazardous chemicals for its operation
  • The mini aircon is portable
  • Guaranteed to be 100 percent eco-friendly
  • Highly affordable in comparison to conventional air conditioners
  • A 3-in-1 device capable of air cooling, purifying, and humidifying


  • The cable somehow gets pretty hot when in use.
  • There is no USB cable. However, you can always plug it at any power outlet

Final Thoughts

The consumers have spoken, and based on their personal experiences using the Arctic Air Ultra, the pros of the device outweigh whatever disadvantage it may have. You can escape the summer heat anywhere you are. Not only will you get amazing features but at a budget-friendly price. Furthermore, it’s also backed with a money-back guarantee for 30 days! Now, that does sound like a very worthy investment you could ever make. A word of caution, though. You need to be a wise buyer and only trust its official website should you purchase one for yourself, for your family, friends, or as a gift. Only then can you prevent being scammed, and can you guarantee that what you get are authentic products.

2. CoolAir Review

Are you considering getting a small portable ac but somehow confused about which one to buy? Then this review is what you need. Not only that, it’s worth every cent of your money and minute of your time. Read on to know why it’s the best choice to set your room’s cool temperature. After all, you cannot go wrong with the brand that started it all – CoolAir, the first among the many portable cooler fans in the market.

Why CoolAir is the ideal personal air cooler?

 Setting your own space’s temperature is a must, and CoolAir is your ideal cooler fan for many reasons. Cooling your air is not enough since there are tiny particles in the air that the naked eye can’t see. The air just as well is purified, and that’s one of the reasons that make other people recommend the CoolAir.

Let’s see. Is your workplace overly crowded with not enough air, or worse, no air at all? Is the hot night temperature keeping your children from sleeping that leaves you sleepless as well? Does sweating even while sitting or lounging bothers you? If your answer to any or all of these is yes, then you need a comfortable temperature CoolAir can provide. These are universal benefits since anyone who wants their very own portable air cooler should buy this device. It can easily fit any space and place given its compact design without any special skills required to operate. The CoolAir comes in various elegant colors such as white, blue, and black.

CoolAir consistently provides cool air to combat the unbearable heat. It is ideal for homes, nurseries, offices, or during travels. While other devices only provide an air-cooling system, this unit, though, has a 7-colored LED mood light that is fully functional.  It is user-friendly that requires a few basic steps in setting up and usage. It is extremely fast-cooling as well. With a simple press of a button and a minute of waiting, your space becomes more comfortable and cooler. An environmentally friendly device is perfectly combined with quiet operation, so no worries about noise pollution or hazardous waste and gas emission.

How Does the CoolAir work?

Eight hours of uninterrupted and comfortable sleep while clean and cool air circulating is heaven, especially at the peak of summer heat. But how is this possible with CoolAir? How does it actually work? Can a cheap AC device really be that noteworthy?

The buzz surrounding the CoolAir starts with the power of its operation. The cube-like device has a door that you can easily open, a water chamber to put regular or cold water with, a USB connector to connect to any power supply, and a touch-button Anhydrous automatic power-off.

This one is also called a potable evaporating cooler with about 750ml water capacity tank. Inside is the cartridge that absorbs the water. It helps the water spread evenly at the surface. There’s also the fan that efficiently works in blowing hot air towards the water. Once it evaporates, the air cools, and moisture is added. CoolAir truly creates a purified and humidified air that you can benefit from when the sun gets too hot to handle.

You can find the control buttons on its top panel. You only need to press & hold its center button to switch in on and off. As mentioned, the device has a 3-speed fan, adjustable temperature options, color mood LED lights. So, in accessing the menu button, tap it once. You can now adjust the settings to your liking and needs. You can even set the device to shine a particular color when the time has passed and you need to refill before the cartridge totally gets dry.

How Easy is the CoolAir to Use?

The CoolAir is elegantly and efficiently designed both in design and its functionality. When you buy this mini air cooler, you will get a device that’s about 17cm x 17cm x 17cm in size. According to the official website of the manufacturer, it will be ready at your disposal in just a few easy and simple steps.

  1. Start the process by unboxing or unwrapping your device.
  2. Fill up its water chamber. Cold water is best.
  3. Plug into any USB port using the USB cable that comes with the unit.
  4. Set the air direction and temperature, then enjoy it!

Remember: Don’t forget to fill the water tank at an 8-hour interval.

The moment the water is fully absorbed by the cartridge, you can expect the maximum efficiency and operation of this portable mini air conditioner.


  • CoolAir is energy- and money-save
  • It provides many advantages than the conventional cooling system, which makes the device a good choice
  • This mini-unit powerfully converts used, hot air at any place into cool and purified wind anyone can appreciate even on the hottest summer nights and days
  • It features 7 colorful, multi-functional LED lights that you can use to set your place’s mood
  • Easy transport and storage, allowing you to take it wherever you desire, be it home, office, or elsewhere
  • Easy to use with just a USB port connection
  • It provides fresher, cooler, easier-to-breathe air for the summertime heat
  • Automatic switch off once the water empties out.


  • It is sold solely online. Connect to the internet first to buy it.

Final Thoughts

Any purchase is an investment, so you need to get the best out of your money. The CoolAir is designed to cool a concentrated area for a more efficient, energy-saving, and powerful effect, according to your desired settings and placement. There’s no way you can do that or be economical with a conventional AC.

The size may be compact, and that’s an advantage, but it gets the job done where you want it or need it without high energy consumption and bill. It’s going to come as a surprise that a powerful device, not even included in the top technological caliber, is priced too well. With CoolAir, everything is straightforward – fill the water tank, choose from the 3 fan speeds, pick the light color you choose to set the mood, plug the USB, and there you have it, optimum cool air for 8 hours.

3. Fresh-R Review

After a long, cold winter season, for sure, you are looking forward to the heat of the summer! This means hours of basking out in the sun on the beach. The irony of this, though, is that you don’t want the heavy sweating (and sometimes the unpleasant odor) that comes along with it. While we enjoy every minute of practically doing nothing but lying down, sweating can drive us crazy. Additionally, the summer heat can become unbearable, not just by staying outdoors alone, even by staying indoors, too.

The good thing about this is that we are living in the modern age, and we can basically get almost anything to make our lives easier and more convenient. So, what do you need to get when the temperature reaches its highest? An Air Conditioning System. That’s good, yes. But what if you are on a budget? You need to get yourself the best personal air cooler like the Fresh-R.

Why do people rave about the Fresh-R? Here are some things that you should be aware of after countess individuals have tried and tested this air cooler, humidifier, and purifier in one unit.

Why People Love Fresh-R?

If you haven’t heard about the Fresh-R, that’s all the more reason why you have to read further. To say the least, the Fresh-R is a popular portable device to help you through the hot days and nights of summertime. Sounds incredible, right? But what’s more incredible is this device can be your reliable home or office accessory even during spring and autumn. Meaning, it’s something useful whenever and wherever you feel like using it. Be it a family gathering, a group study, presentation at work, picnics, or something else. You have the perfect partner to keep everyone cool.

The amusing part of summer heat is you can’t decide whether to hate them or love them. But not anymore.  Now, you can enjoy the high temp for as long as you can. And when things get hot and humid? You simply turn on your own mini ac and cool the temp down.

How Does the Fresh-R work?

You might be wondering, how does this work? E-A-S-Y! As mentioned, Fresh-R is a fantastic device that you can use and take anywhere with you. Traveling is not at all a hassle since the air cooler is lightweight and under any condition is designed for easy operation. First of all, it is equipped with a fan. You need to connect it to any USB port to power it on. That speaks for itself. All you need is a USB port or a computer to plug it in, and there you have it!

You now have an instant mini air conditioner of your own no matter where or when you want. Isn’t it so convenient to have a cooling device when you’re driving your car, when you are at home, at your workspace, or even when you’re out traveling? The answer to that is Fresh-R. It may be small, but you can easily carry it and transport it to your desired destination or location.

Did you know that the Fresh-R works as an air purifier and humidifier at the same time? You heard that right. You have to know how it operates to understand. You see, this portable mini air cooler with water has a built-in small tank, which you should fill up. Listen to this: the water load can last to a maximum of 10 days! In other words, you can sleep all night through or take an afternoon nap without interruption and not needing to refill it. Once you see how small the water tank is, you will ask yourself, “how can this be the reason for some of its amazing and important features?”

This small device is mighty enough to humidify and purify the air quality in your space. We all acknowledge how vital a humidifier is in everyone’s home. But there is no need for you to spend your hard-earned money on a separate humidifier. In addition, your room will be 10 degrees down with this cooler. Not only will your space be cooler, but you are saving money in the long run. The only investment you need to do is by buying this device alone.

There’s more! You can turn this device off manually if you want to. But this portable air humidifier/purifier features a built-in motion sensor to start or stop its fan automatically. Now, you have to agree, that is a very cool feature.  Also, you can choose from 3 different fan speed options. Set it at the lowest speed, set it a notch higher, or at the coolest speed in cooling down your surroundings. Set it accordingly, depending on your mood or needs.

How Easy is the Fresh-R to Use?

If you think the operation is easy with Fresh-R, wait till you hear this. It will only take you about 5 minutes to unbox and set up this device.

Open the door, first. Then, use cold water to fill its tank. You can even put ice. Third, connect this device to any power supply, and then adjust your fan speed setting. What’s next? It’s time for you to start using it however you wish.

Just as it’s powerful to keep you cool, it is ideal for your kids’ bedroom, too.  You simply set it at a lower fan speed than your usual fan speed. This ensures your kids’ skin, as well as wellbeing, are safe, and its settings are not too strong for their age.

Remember: The water can last for about 10 hours, so be sure to refill its water tank at a specific interval. Also, carry a USB port at all times to operate this, particularly during your travels.


  • Incredible usability of its motion sensor
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Astonishing balance of quality and price
  • Ideal for kid’s room


  • There’s not much of a selection when it comes to design.
  • You cannot find this item at a regular appliance store. You have to go online to get one.

Final Thoughts

Fresh-R is a notch higher version of CoolAir. If you’re searching for the mini ac that will keep you cool all summer long no matter where you go, this is the one for you. Gone are the days where you will crave a chilly time and place. This portable Fresh-R promises to provide you more than the ordinary cool bedroom, office, living room, or anywhere else you go.

4. Onewell Portable Air Conditioner

Onewell is a 4-in-1 Personal Mini Arctic Evaporative Air Cooler specifically designed to work as a conventional air conditioner but in a compact form. It cools, humidifies, purifies, and atomizes the air with its Humidifier Air Circulator with aromatherapy. What else can you expect from the device?

  • Energy-Saving and Quiet Operation
    The manufacturer if this device boasts for its low noise production while in use, so it means you can sleep or work undisturbed. No freon also means being environmentally conscious. Water is all you need to put in the water tank and it will start generating fresh cool air. Aside from saving energy, you consume low energy as well.
  • Multifunctional Desktop or Office Cooling Fan
    This device is a multifunctional cooling fan that you can place in your desk at home or office. It comes with 3 various functions by its no-leak tank as well as reusable NANO filter paper exclusive to Onewell. This portable cooling fan maintains the indoor humidity to keep your skin moist and cools down the humid air faster, courtesy of its six fan speed options.
  • 7 Colors LED Backlight and Easy Operation
    You don’t need a separate night lamp when you have this Onewell mini Air conditioner since there are 7 colors you can choose from as your night light. It is not simply a decoration. Operation is also easy with its button type switches. Use it to change the fan speed or adjust the direction of the wind. Another great feature is added security. It has cold air mode automatic power off when the water is out, and it shuts down when you try opening the lid to refill the water tank.
  • Environment-friendly Cooler for Home/Office/Bedroom
    This humidifier and evaporative air cooler is free of Freon for low consumption of energy and ultimately low cost. It comes with 1-year warranty and fast money back guarantee for 30 days.
  • Ease of Use
    The ON/OFF switch is designed for easy 3-speed adjustable operation however, whenever, wherever you or your loved ones want to use it.

Proper care and maintenance of Onewell

The efficient performance of the Onewell needs efficient care and maintenance. So, here’s what you must do.

  1. Only add pure water as this avoids any form of impurity that might affect the AC’s cooling function.
  2. In cleaning its water tank weekly, use a toothbrush or Cup brush.
  3. Put ice cubes in the chamber for cooler wind
  4. The water tank has to be at a level position. Avoid leaning it and move it in parallel instead.

The package listing includes 1 unit of portable air conditioner, 1 USB cable, and 1 User Manual.


  • Low noise for relaxing and comfortable sleep
  • Features 3 multi-functions that are easy to adjust
  • Adjustable wind direction’s vertical direction of up to 90 degrees
  • Easy to operate and use
  • 7 color functional LED lights that can serve as a night light
  • Eco-friendly and Energy saving
  • Ideal to use for home, office, or camping
  • Safe to pets and children as there are no exposed fan blades


  • Not ideal for large spaces
  • There was a complaint about the Li-ion battery being hard to find

Final Thoughts

Don’t think of a bulky, regular, central air conditioning system out there. Not only does it uselessly cool an entire home or office building, but it also shoots up your utility bill. With the Onewell 2019 Portable Air Conditioner Fan, you can own your personal small portable ac! You can now enjoy the fresh air as a cold wind blows in your place for 7 to 10 hours. And the best part? This device will keep your skin moisture, leaving you feeling cool and fresh at any time of the day. You can sit anywhere and do anything while having your very own cooling device that’s safe, efficient, and equipped with fully functional features.

5. hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Who wouldn’t want to slumber like a baby day in and day out? People have different preferences when it comes to mini air conditioning units, but this review will explain further why the hOmeLabs portable air conditioner is a must-have. Let’s get deep into its features.

  • Portable, noiseless, and energy-efficient personal ac
    A hOmeLabs portable air conditioner guarantees you a place cool to relax at work and even after a hard day’s work at home. It works perfectly on spaces of about 450-600 sq. ft. and quietly with its window opening horizontally. It fully equipped with vertical swing automatic function to ensure equal distribution of airflow within the entire room.
  • Integrated dehumidifier functionality
    Contrary to what traditional dehumidifiers do, hOmeLabs expels hot air while simultaneously cooling your room. ONE VITAL TIP: Be sure to have access to a drainage facility upon installation because water will be discharged while the device is in use. The good thing is there is a drain hose included, which you can use since the unit doesn’t come with a reservoir tank.
  • No lifting of heavy unit windows, and with easy installation process
    Measuring just about 17.9” x 16” x 30.7”, you can easily move this mini air condition from one place to the next, thanks to its wheels. As long as you have access to a window (ideally about 48” wide double-hung), you can basically attach its hose together with its window slide adapter, then plug it to a power supply, and you’re all set. The device also promises airtight fit as it comes with adhesive foam windows seal. Installation to some takes about eight minutes, while to some, its less. Once the summer season is over, or you have no need for it, just unhook the device for storage. REMEMBER: Always see the User Manual for details.
  • Digital display and intuitive remote controlling system
    Everything you want to do is designed to be easy with the remote and display. Set the temp, adjust the fan speed or its cooling mode, or press its eco-friendly sleeping mode to activate.
  • Washable/reusable air filter
    The washable filter is what keeps this mini air conditioner working efficiently and cleaning the air. Guess what? You don’t need to replace or buy a new filter every time the one you have gets dirty. Once the indicator light illuminates, it’s a reminder that your air filter needs cleaning.

Care and Maintenance of hOmelabs

Caring for the hOmelabs is essential, but it doesn’t have to be so challenging. Just remember: a clean filter means clean air and efficient cooling, thus preventing issues on your air quality. For a better performance, clean your air filter bi-monthly. Wipe the grill periodically, particularly if you have pets, making sure airflow is not blocked due to your pet’s hair.


  • Great value for an even greater price
  • It comes with sturdy wheels for faster and easier mobility
  • Easy installation, cleaning, and storage
  • Cools and cleans the air for as big as 450-600 sq. ft.
  • Quiet operation and efficient performance
  • Dehumidifies air without the hassle
  • Energy-saver


  • Not ideal for large areas

Final Thoughts

This portable small air conditioning unit is like no other when it comes to keeping the noise down as possible. We all know how the airflow, as well as the vibration, can get in the way of our sleep as soon as you turn that air conditioner on. The continuous buzzing and humming can keep us awake! Fortunately, this hOmeLabs unit will take care of that and many more. To start off, this small yet quiet AC is ideal for cooling any room with an area of about 450 to 600 Sq. Ft. The air conditioning machine features 100 p Dehumidifier Functions and a washable filter. And, no. You wouldn’t have to get off and, on your bed, just to adjust the AC’s settings as it also comes with remote control.

Best Mini Air Conditioners in India

Things to consider before buying a portable AC in India

There are times when the weather becomes too hot. Fans just aren’t enough to ventilate an area or cool you down. Many turn to central air conditioners as the solution to provide that cool air after being under the sweltering heat. However, these are expensive to use, fixed to a certain spot, and uses excessive energy. As alternatives, portable air conditioners came to life. While it may not meet the efficiency of modern window-type units, a portable cooler fan definitely gives more comfort than typical fans, at the same time being portable and cheaper than central air conditioners.

In choosing the best mini air conditioner for you and for your loved ones, here are a few factors to consider.

  • Being portable, the unit size matter.
    The smaller it is, the lesser floor space it occupies, giving you more room for other things in your area. It is then crucial to know if you would go for the shortest, the lightest, or the narrowest unit. Still, remember that the size of an appliance corresponds to the size of the room you’ve got. The bigger the unit, the bigger space it could cool effectively.
  • In connection with this, the cooling power of a unit is also a huge factor.
    For air conditioning units, the standard measurement is British Thermal Units. To know how many BTUs you need to cool your room efficiently, the ratio to use would be 20 BTU for one square foot plus 600 BTU for every other person. It is tempting to purchase ones with higher BTUs. However, conditions such as climate, room height, shading, and window size may affect the cooling capacity.
  • For efficiency and convenience, think of the type of controls.
    It is also vital whether what type of controls you would want your mini air conditioner to have. There are two options: one is with manual controls, the other with remote. Think carefully as these could affect how you use your unit after purchasing, whether you plan to fix your unit to a certain area or if it could easily be reached by the hand.
  • There are also smart features.
    These special features may help save energy or add up to your conveniences, such as units that have auto-swing ventilation or a timer of when to start and stop cooling. Some models can restart on their own at your preferred setup. Some may even adjust the temperature automatically to keep the same coolness in your room despite the changes in humidity and air temperature.
  • As most of these units are produced by well-known manufacturers, it is wise to consider which offers the best warranty and support service.
    This would be a tremendous help in case you encounter problems as you run your mini air conditioner. Most of the models available in the market nowadays offer a warranty period of one to five years. Some of these are limited warranties that cover specific issues and parts, while some provide full coverage.

In the end, all of these depend on your own preferences and needs. Just keep in mind that with every smart feature you prefer your mini to have, there is also a corresponding price. It is crucial to have the service you deserve at a price that is worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do mini air conditioners work?

    Similar to regular ACs, the mini air conditioning systems work by cooling the air, humidifying it, and purifying it all at the same time at any place. They are designed using the most advanced technologies for a competent, cost-effective, and environment-friendly operation. These don’t use Freon or coolants.

  2. What is the ideal size of the area when using a portable cooler?

    The ideal space size for a cooler depends on the brand. Some can range from 45 sq. ft max, while some can range up to 600 sq. ft.

  3. Are mini air conditioners the best option to cool a room?

    There are considerations when buying any appliance or device. But if you are on a budget, you want a portable device that you can bring with you ANYWHERE, a compact design without the hassles of a conventional AC unit but rather the benefits and more; then it’s your best option.


There are too many air-cooling products available in the Indian market today, probably more than you can expect. Finding the perfect one can be challenging. It’s a good thing that this article will help and guide you to make the wisest decision to invest your money. Above are the best mini air conditioners you can choose from, each having its own pros and cons.

Sure thing, regular air conditions can promise you cool air all over your house. But is that really practical? Is that all you are searching for? At what cost? Why go all the trouble and headache in the long run when you can have your very own mini AC, which can produce cool, purified, humidified air, with adjustable fan speeds, one with easy and quiet operation, at a very attractive price, portable, and many more? Don’t be afraid to ask around or do your own research since this is your money and comfort that are at stake.

It’s given. Households must have a cooling system, and personal space air coolers are designed to do the job along with “cool” benefits. The choice is now yours to find the best small air conditioner suited to your needs and requirements.